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We are a niche law firm with a reputation for taking on - and winning - the most complex and challenging medical negligence cases.


We are set apart from other law firms by the expertise and legal skill of our two partners.  Ian Sheridan is a medical negligence specialist qualified in law in both England and New York  who has been on the Law Society's clinical negligence panel for many years. He has handled many of the most complex medical negligence cases in the last twenty years.  His son and partner, Daniel Sheridan, has practiced law at one of the leading international commercial law firms and received his legal education at Cambridge, followed by a fellowship at Yale University in the U.S. He is qualified to practice law in both American and England and spent many years working with some of America's leading lawyers.

All clients are personally represented by one of our partners throughout the case.



We ensure that our clients receive the best representation possible in order to obtain maximum compensation


Call 0208 541 1181 to speak for free to a medical negligence specialist 


We are solicitors with specialist expertise in medical negligence law and have a reputation for leaving no stone unturned  for our clients.


If we act for you in a medical negligence case you can be sure that you will receive personal attention from your own solicitor and that we will explain everything to you and keep you informed and involved throughout the process. You can also be confident that we will devote our full attention and expertise to your case.





We take on the most challenging and complex medical negligence cases and have an exceptional track record of successful results. We pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for our clients.

Medical Negligence London is a part of SheridanLaw LLP, a London firm with a long and distinguished history in the field of Medical Negligence Law and claims to sue the NHS. The team is headed by Ian Sheridan who is a longstanding member of the
Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel and SheridanLaw LLP has accreditation with the Legal Services Commission to undertake legally aided clinical/medical negligence work.

At Medical Negligence London most of our cases are funded by legal aid or under a "no win, no fee" agreement. The initial meeting to discuss your case is always free and we take as long as necessary to make sure we fully understand exactly what has happened to you and have explained in detail all of your options.




One of the reasons we have such a strong track record is that we put considerable resources into every case that we take on. The Medical Negligence London approach is to build a highly skilled team for each case - usually involving two of our experienced lawyers, a top barrister and leading medical experts.


Because we are a small team and are committed to giving every case a high level of attention, unfortunately we are unable to act on behalf of everyone who would like to instruct us for their case. Most of our clients are referred to us by charities and non profit organisations that are familiar with our reputation. However, if you think you may have a medical negligence case that Medical Negligence London could help you with, please telephone us and we will let you know whether we are able to assist you.

MedicalNegligenceLondon is part of SheridanLaw and you may want to see other sites by our firm concerning our other areas of expertise including CICA appeals, challenging a will and accidents in usa.

Choosing the right solicitor for your medical negligence case can make a tremendous difference to the outcome of your case, both in terms of whether you are successful and in terms of how much compensation you are awarded.

It is therefore worth taking your time to choose the best solicitor you can. We recommend calling at least three medical negligence solicitors and we have written a guide to  choosing the best solicitor  for your medical negligence claim.



To learn more about making a medical negligence claim please telephone us on 0208 541 1181 or email us on




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Our team is made up of leading experts in medical negligence law and our experience and credentials set us apart.

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We offer "no win no fee" funding arrangements. To learn more click here.

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We are one of the few firms authorised to take legally aided medical negligence cases. To learn more about legal aid funding for medical negligence cases click here.